Jack on #whenxmasbegins for him

They say Christmas comes too early each year. But for me and my family, it can’t come soon enough. Because what else do we have to look forward to in November? Rain? Wind? Storms with rubbish names?

Christmas is all about being together as a family. And despite being the son of a reverend – it’s not the birth of Jesus Christ that interests me. It’s more the return of my very own, waistline-heavy Christmas baby, developed as a consequence of the deluge of food, booze, inactivity and gluttonous presents – that I look forward to. God Bless Capitalism.

So for me, Christmas starts as soon as the family gets together for my mum’s birthday at the beginning of November. The talk of what we want from each other, the order of food that we want to eat on Christmas day (I’m drooling now) and the anticipation of whether we can beat the record of three Christmas dinners in three days, which was frankly one of the greatest times of my life.

Why celebrate Christmas on just one day when you can spread the excitement over two months? I’m considering opening a bottle of port this weekend and tucking into an early box of Guylian chocolates right now.

So, to those who get annoyed at Christmas coming too early, that retailers are spoiling it, that there shouldn’t be Christmas ads at the beginning of November I say ‘BAH Humbug!” Go get yourself a festive log, a tin of cheese biscuits and a party hat. Because it’s November people – and Christmas is here!