Thirsty Bear gets top marks for technology that lets punters pull their own pints

Top marks to the landlords at The Thirsty Bear on London’s Stamford St.

The Thirsty Bear

Not only do they run a fine boozer – friendly staff and good beer, what more could you ask?­– ­ but they’re also switched on enough to let the punters pull their own pints with a corking (groan!) piece of retail technology. Pick up your electronic tab card from the lovely peeps behind the bar, swipe it on one of the 20 tables that house these taps, and it releases the beer. Swipe it again to tot up what you’ve had, and settle up back at the bar. Add the fact that you can use iPads to order food and drinks other than the tap beer, book slots at the pool table and operate the jukebox, and you have the makings of a truly genius retail/leisure concept.

Provides a whole new arena for self-service payment technologies, and perhaps even cuts queues – and is definitely my sort of digital ubiquity.

Self-service at the table