Velvet PR’s Desert Island Ads – booze

In homage to Stephen Foster and his MAA Desert Islands Ads, Velvet’s done a list of our own all-time favourites. We ended up with so many – there is awesome creative out there – that we’ve had to narrow it by sector, starting with one worryingly close to our hearts: booze. There’s always AMV BBDO’s seminal ‘Sapeurs’ href=”” target=”_blank”> for Guinness, natch. But we discounted that as too easy a choice. So, from budgie smugglers to using beer as facial emollient, here are our top 10 – what are yours?

Southern Comfort ‘Whatever’s Comfortable’ – W&K

An older gentleman walking down a beach with a glass of Southern Comfort, a dog and budgie smugglers; everything but everything about this just screams cool. We challenge anyone next time they walk down the beach not to hum Odetta’s awesome accompanying track.

John Smith’s ‘Mum’ – TBWA

“Because I want to put a snooker table in your bedroom and the kids are frightened of your moustache!”. Nuff said. This is just a great ad series when it comes to guffaws.

Smirnoff ‘Purified’ – JWT

Great concept, stunningly done. A beautifully-shot ad that delivers Smirnoff’s triple-distilled brand truth yet again, but in fresh new clothes.

Stella Artois ‘Old Man’s Last Request’ – Lowe Howard-Spink

An endearing spin on the father/son relationship, with an amusing denouement involving a local parson. Who even thinks of these sorts of quirky story lines anymore?

Chambord ‘Muscleman’W&K

Completely random ad, but it plays to our lack of restraint when it comes to indulging a collective sweet tooth and penchant for pert derrieres. It’s almost a bonus that it also sums up everyone’s real reason for the odd tipple…

Carlsberg ‘Wrong Number’ – Saatchi

One of the many great Carlsberg adverts, this one shows why ‘the best lager in the world’ doesn’t need a complaints department.

Boddington’s ‘Crossing the Line’ – BBH

‘Do you want a flake with that?’ The ad that launched Mel Sykes. After sprinting through the desert Ken George must have been delighted to see Mel Sykes and a refreshing pint, even if it is a Boddie’s.

Boddington’s ‘Cream of Manchester’ – BBH

Another Boddington’s ad that screams ridiculousness but is very amusing and a nice play on women’s various beauty creams. Not much else needs to be said, although if you saw your partner doing the same you would probably ask questions.

Grey Goose Vodka ‘Fly Beyond’ – Ogilvy Paris

Mainly because we like vodka – on its own or with a mixer depending on our state of inebriation – but also because it’s based on a true story, complete with the real-life Grey Goose guy cast as our hero. Heart-warming… like vodka.

Heineken ‘Skyfall’ – W&K

Velvet went all Marmite with this one. Some love it because it’s awesomely shot with an engaging storyline and a play on our James Bond/Daniel Craig obsession circa 2012. And the haters, well they made a fair point: when did you last see Bond stoop to beer, let alone Heineken? You either love it or hate it.