Velvet’s Best of Twitter

We don’t know about you, but we love a bit of Twitter. Allowing you to interact with people instantly across the globe, the social platform has not only become a new tool for keeping with breaking news, but also an enabler for brands to become innovative in a new field. But with over 302,000,000 active users, who is best to follow? Thankfully, the Velvet team is here to share its favourite Twitter accounts.

Fabian – Mine has to be @PopJustice for the simple reason that Peter Robinson, the editor and sole tweeter, is so critical of everything pop that I can’t help but laugh. His running commentary on the Tidal launch had me glued for hours – I kept up with his hypothetical scenarios around Jessie J turning up late dressed as a TUC cracker rather than the actual Tidal event.

Nastasha – @SkintLondon is a mix of amusing tweets, local news stories you wouldn’t normally catch, and some great, unmissable foody freebies and cultural deals!

Anil – Definitely The QI Elves (@qikipedia). An endless stream of odd factoids, entertaining quotes and other random nonsense. One of my favourite TV shows duplicated perfectly in 140-character form.